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What I do

Hello my name is Brian.

Thank you for visiting my Website.

Many dog owners find they have difficulty in getting their dogs to behave the way that they wish them to.


My job is to put that right.


I do this in a very simple and effective way.

( At the time of writing this ) ..... …..  Over the last 7 years I have a 100% success rate for every dog seen and over the many years - an overall success of 96%.

This is possible because I use a simple and effective Holistic and Gentle approach which is both Calm and Assertive , Using a language that is used in nature and a communication that animals readily understand.


I offer a professional service with no prearranged Fee in exchange for a voluntary contribution based on my skill levels that you have found helpful,  but based on your assessment of satisfaction.


The appointment to change your dogs behaviour really covers 2 stages on the first appointment.

The first stage is for us to sit and talk about why dogs in general and your dog in particular behave in the manor that they do.

I share with you how psychology not training alone will help to change those things necessary to bring them back into a peaceful state of mind - How you communicate with them to bring this about.


This takes up the first half or so of the first appointment.

It then depends on how far your situation has deteriorated

(before you called me in to help ), as to whether we can turn around your dogs behaviour in the remainder of the time that I am with you on the first appointment.

We will take your dog outside for a walk to put into practice those things we have been discussing.


In many cases only one appointment is necessary to see the obvious changes and at that point you will also have all the techniques necessary to finish the process off yourselves.


At this stage, of the end of the first appointment I ask you to make any voluntary contribution that you feel you would like to make considering the valued information that I have shared with you in the preceding 3-4 hours.


If we feel an additional appointment is necessary, we will finish off the process on a subsequent visit.

( In addition to psychology, Training can then be used to complete the process by yourselves or with my help ).


If on the subsequent appointment you feel that the change necessary has not happened and the desired effect has not been achieved then I will not accept any further voluntary contribution ( other than what was given on the first appointment ). Obviously if your dog is now much improved I would ask for a voluntary contribution for the second appointment and each subsequent appointment ( if you desire them ) but again based on your assessment of satisfaction.


So my description may seem a little laboured but you will find the first appointment very , very useful and in many cases

‘ job done ‘.

However if subsequent appointments are necessary then I do need for you to cover the first appointment ( 3-4 hours plus parking costs Etc ). It is a simple fact that with some dogs it takes longer to change their behaviour back to a balanced state of mind due to leaving the situation too long before asking for help.


Using the method that I do, In most cases I have been successful with every dog I have seen on the first appointment.   However, as previously stated it sometimes takes longer and more than one appointment is necessary.


If we cannot undo the dogs damaged state of mind in follow up appointments then I will not accept any additional voluntary contribution for the follow up appointment.


Dogs love and need Rules, Boundaries and Limitations.

Dogs love a job to do and they love to please their owners.

The correct Dog handler will solve any problem behaviours that you wish to correct but I will also show you how to continue with this process, so that after I have left you will know what to do to continue to keep your dog feeling safe and content in your hands.


Using these methods I have helped many dogs over the years by changing their mental states and bringing you all back into a happy and content Family Pack.

You can also telephone me at any time if needed, asking questions or with any issues of gaining more confidence. All that is covered by the first appointment.


I love what I do and it never gets old or tired, bringing dogs back to a peaceful and contented state of mind.


This method is also effective with rescue dogs from the Uk and foreign countries. I have successfully helped rescued dogs from countries such as Portugal, Spain, Greece, Romania, Germany, India, the UK and others.

(Please refer to the Testimonials on my website to see what other people have expressed regarding my visits.)


So to sum up :-


I offer a professional service with no prearranged Fee in exchange for a voluntary contribution based on your assessment of satisfaction.


If you feel that I have been helpful then a minimum voluntary contribution of £80 is suggested for each appointment.

However if I am not able to solve the issues on subsequent appointments then I will not accept any further voluntary contribution other than what was given on the first appointment.


On a lighter note you will be pleased to know that there is no upper limit to your voluntary generosity and appreciation.


Thank you.  😊😊 🐕




No Help with Issues on subsequent appointments - then no voluntary contribution accepted.

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