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Subject:  Luna - Recall and pulling on the lead.

I have a 2 year old Caucasian Ovcharka, rather a big dog and a challenge at my age, but she was a gift and I love her to bits.
She is agenerally very good.... with children, people in general and other animals. Howevershe has no inclination to come back when called (when off lead) and she also pulls on the lead which is a problem as I am quite elderly. I am an experienced dog owner but have found these issues difficult with Luna. I spoke to the owner of the business "The Dogs Corner" (the Holistic Dog Centre in Hove) and she put me in contact with Brian of

I am very pleased that she did. It only took Brian a short time to explain and show me how to change Luna's behaviour. I am pleased to say that I now have no more problems with Luna while walking her on the lead.

Brian explained his methods to me before he met Luna. She then joined us, having been in another room and we went for a walk to put into practice those things that Brian and I had discussed. It was amazing how quickly he changed Luna's behaviour (and mine also :))

I would happily recommend Brian to anybody who has any problem with their dog or just need some advise. He is punctual and honest and really has great knowledge of dogs.

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