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Subject: Bailey,
Bailey is our much loved 3 year old Chocolate Labrador which we have had since he was a puppy. Other than puppy familiarisation classes he has received no formal correction. He is my first dog, my wife having had several previous dogs, she has patiently trained him, and he is generally well behaved. Bailey has, however, been inclined to “Take me for a walk” on occasions rather than the other way around. Bailey also has a tendency to jump up when greeting people.

I know Brian through a mutual interest in Astronomy and when he told me of his work using methods of an animal behaviourist I jumped at the chance to see if he could help.

Brian visited us and first spent around 45 minutes discussing his methods before he actually met Bailey.

Brian then met Bailey who displayed his usual boisterous dominating manner which Brian was able to easily correct.

We then went for a walk and Brian showed how to control Bailey so that there was less pulling. After a few attempts Bailey got the message. Labradors are generally very intelligent and since Brian visited us, by adopting his methods things have certainly improved.
We should like to thank Brian and would have no hesitation in recommending him.

John & Sue

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