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Nervous puppy.

Mickey is a 9 month Jack Russell - Poodle cross breed.


He is very excitable young dog who is a handful, suffers from separation anxiety, can be loud and slightly aggressive with visitors and sometimes aggressive with our 2 young boys.

Because of the above, we needed guidance and some tools to help Mickey be calmer and for us to understand how to coach Mickey to be less volatile and understand his place within our household.

We reached out to Brian and he came to see us on a bank holiday. He arrived having done his research on mickeys breed / Mix.   He then used this to explain Mickey’s behaviours and how we should both address his needs and ours. On that point Brian had taken time to assess the makeup of our household and how to tailor our needs in working with Mickey.

Brian spent time talking to us before being introduced to Mickey. The initial talk centred on how dogs are different to humans and how we need to consider that Mickey is an animal and how we need to take that into account, How would the animal within the breed respond.

We then methodically went through the issues we had been experiencing. Brian then confirmed why Mickey was behaving the way he was in certain circumstances and then how we should be addressing those behaviours and how to do so in a calm assertive fashion.

Admittedly I sat and thought this is all well and good but let’s see how you handle Mickey when we bring him in.

Mickey came in, was barking and scared of Brian. Within a few minutes Brian had calmed down Mickey to the point where Brian was able to give him fuss.


We then took Mickey out for a walk and Brian provided tips on controlling him to get to a destination, keeping him under control with other dogs and allowing him controlled play. The tips and coaching all worked virtually first time and it has now been 5 days and we have these embedded on our walks. Brian has given us tips to get Mickey to the point where we will be able to safely take him off lead.

We will be working to this over the next couple of months and we will also be checking in with Brian for further sessions to ensure that we get there.

We now have the confidence that we have the right base tools to improve Mickey
's behaviour and to ensure that we can provide Mickey with the controlled freedoms so he can also have fun and enjoy his life, and help him to reduce anxiety.

This is all down to the coaching, guidance and psychology that Brian has demonstrated and provided advice on.

He comes highly recommended

Matt and Sally and Mickey.   Brighton.

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