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Update to Testimonial for Prince
Prince is doing super - we have actually gone back into our old routine of heading over to a particular park every so often to continue his socialising. He is off lead and his recall is fantastic. He never has the need to go over to see every dog - and any dog that goes to bark at him or ‘start something’ he completely ignores them and runs off back to us, which is what we never thought would happen!
We are still being very cautious of course with regard to which dogs he sees.
We are working hard and we meet up with friends and their dogs on the lead now rather than cutting straight to letting them off lead.  We have found that this helps with setting our / His boundaries and keeping control in a very relaxed way.
Prince is doing so well and doesn’t react at other dogs although if other dogs react to him first we need to be careful. Overall we are so proud of him and how far he has come since your 2 visits. We never thought we would be saying this again!
We have you to thank you for all of this, you gave me the confidence to start walking into situations rather than trying my hardest to avoid them and conquer the inevitable. We watch his body language like a hawk so nothing happens when we aren’t looking!
This has all worked so well.
Thank you for all your successful help Brian.
All the best,
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