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The dogs with our new baby.

My wife and I met Brian in the Holmbush shopping centre and were interested in engaging his services as we felt that our dogs' behaviour had changed since the birth of our son and we wanted to rekindle the relationship with them.

Brian came to our house for the appointment and explained in detail the theory behind his approach and how we should think about our d​ogs' behaviour. He gave us practical tips to employ with the dogs so that we could ensure a good relationship with them and that they didn't feel left out now that we had a baby.
We then brought the dogs into the living room and Brian demonstrated the tips which he had previously described. They were instantly effective which gave us confidence. Following this we went for a walk with the dogs so that Brian could demonstrate some further work about on-lead walking as one of our dogs has a tendency to pull. Again, his tips and advice were very effective and we have both used them ever since to great effect.

Overall, it was a very successful few hours and my wife and I were both very pleased to have used Brian's expertise. Since the appointment we have both noticed an improvement in our dogs' behaviour in terms of obedience, recall, walking on the lead and general demeanour. This we believe is due to the lessons that Brian taught us. We would definitely recommend his services to other people wishing to learn more about their dog's behaviour and what they can do to implement change if needed.


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