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A Miracle Worker, Aggression .....
In my opinion Brian is a miracle worker.
My three year old Labrador retriever had been having problems with aggression towards other dogs. He is usually such a good boy and most of the time was great with people and other dogs. Over the past months he had, on occasion, become aggressive with other dogs.

Brian contacted me by phone just a few hours after I made my referral via the website. We talked on the phone for around half an hour during which time he gave me some sensible advice to implement prior to his visit. Brian then came to see us at home to talk through the issues we were having and to put his excellent knowledge to work.

I honestly could have listened to Brian’s knowledge about the behaviours of dogs and people all day; I learned so much over the three hours that he was with us. Brian gave me clear and straightforward changes to make to the dog’s routine, his relationship with me and how I communicate with him. My dog responded immediately and has continued to do so. There are no more horrible incidents and my dog is the friendly boy I love once again.

On a side note, I live alone and I found Brian to be comfortable to be around and I felt safe with him.

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